This page is set up to update interested parties on the progress towards a new Squadron HQ. The latest news will appear at the top of the list.

07 May 10 - The journey is over as the squadron parades for the first time in their new headquarters in the Ivybridge Cadet Centre

Apr 10 - The building is all but complete. It is expected that the building will be handed over to the two cadet units by the end of the month.

Mar 10 - The building is nearing completion although behind schedule by nearly two weeks due to wet and cold weather hampering the external works.

Jan 10 - Latest onsite meeting - building work still ahead of schedule

Jan 10 - All new furniture ordered for the new HQ

Dec 09 - New HQ now has a roof and is ahead of schedule.

Nov 09 - New HQ on schedule for completion end Mar-10

20-Oct-09 - Foundations completed. Interior walls being built up. Program on schedule.

16 Oct 09 - Site is now levelled and trenches for foundations dug.

12 Oct 09 - Contractors on site with work due to commence 16-Oct-09. New HQ is due to be completed by the end of March 2010.

Sep 09 - Tender gone out for bids from interested parties to build new HQ. Start of build now planned for Oct 09 with completion no later than start of Apr 2010.

Jun 09 - The project has been put out to competitive tender for completion of the build. The project remains on schedule for completion this financial year.

May 09 - The finance for the new HQ has been approved by Reserve Forces Cadet Association. There have been a few minor changes due to the rising costs though the concept remains the same. The completion remains on course for this financial year.

Jan 09 - Latest review still has the project as number 2 priority for the South West Region. The main issue to overcome now is the source for the mains water.

Nov 08 - The re-submitted plans have been approved by South Hams District Council. With the project being number 2 for financial year 09-10 the build is likely to commence anytime from April 2009.

Oct 08 - Following a meeting with RFCA the new HQ has been delayed until the next financial year to ensure that funds are available when it is completed as it can no longer be guaranteed to be completed in this financial year. The new HQ is now No.2 on the priority list for the Region. Furthermore the revised plans are now in at South Hams District Council see links to designs here and here. On another possible stumbling block the Eco impact report has been passed. It can be seen that the ACO are now funding for a joint cadet headquarters as it will provide better facilities.

Sep 08 - Revised plans completed to resolve some minor concerns. Plans now believed to conform to South Hams requirements. Plan 1 & Plan 2

Aug 08 - New location plans have been drawn up for renewed planning application. The planned completion time remains the end of this financial year. Plans will be added soon.

Jun 08 - A further set back has been advised. The plans have not been approved. Delegates from Wing, RFCA, Ivybridge Town Council and South Hams District Council will shortly be holding a site meeting to try and resolve the issues raised. In the mean time the Squadron is intending to move to Erme Primary School as the current site at Manor is scheduled for refurbishment.

Jun 08 -  There has been a set back in the time table for the new HQ with the tragic death of the architect for the new HQ. Our thoughts are with his family and friends while his firm attempt to reallocate his workload.

May 08 - The plans for the new building have been submitted to South Hams District Council. There are two plans to view Plan1 & Plan 2 although there may be some changes if the Army Cadets do not provide their portion of the funding. In the mean time it will be necessary to try and locate further temporary accommodation until the new HQ is built. If the plans are approved later this month it is hoped the new HQ will be available by next April.


Apr 08 - New HQ building plans have been submitted for approval to South Hams District Council. It is hoped that, if the plans gain approval, building work will commence later this year.

Mar 08 - Wing HQ have confirmed if necessary the Air Cadets will go ahead alone with the new building. This may mean a smaller building but will be for sole use. The Squadron is now graded Red for action therefore at the highest priority. Despite this it is unlikely that the new HQ is unlikely to be ready in time by the time the new lease expires. Attempts are in hand to find alternative temporary accommodation within Ivybridge.

Feb 08 - Enquiries reveal that no plans submitted to the council as the ACF pulled out of the project though this was not conveyed to the Air Cadet Organisation. Enquiries are in progress with Headquarters Air Cadets to establish ATC options ahead of the meeting with RFCA on 12 Feb 08.

Oct 07 - Draft plans for the new HQ have arrived at Wing HQ, this is more progress.

Aug 07 - RFCA advise that Architect appointed though concern on ground condition at Filham.

Mar 07 - Following a meeting with RFCA and Wing HQ it appears that the projected time has slipped with an anticipated start date of Apr 08. One reason is due to the need to amend planning application. Realistically this would mean the new HQ not being in available until Summer 08.

Dec 06 - Headquarters Air Cadets demand business case from RFCA for release of funds - positive news.

Oct 06 - Planning meeting held between Reserve Forces Cadet Association and District Council.

Sep 06 - Squadron Commander receives info that search for site of new HQ had drawn a blank and that the Squadron may have to close. Letter sent to Town Council and possible site proposed at Filham Park.

May 05 - Squadron quits old HQ and moves into temporary accommodation consisting of a port-a-cabin for an office a metal storage unit and a classroom at the college.

Feb 05 - Extension given to Squadron to quit old HQ allowing the Squadron to remain in it's old HQ until end May 05

Jan 05 - Squadron was given notice to quit it's old HQ by end Feb 05 to make room for new building work